The trainings have practical orientation and deliberately look for analogies with real-life situations. We direct the participants towards finding an application of the topics in the day-to-day work. We use games, work in small groups, discussions, sharing. This format helps make the trainings interesting, dynamic and relaxing. The result is a more enduring development of knowledge, skills and competencies.

We include in the trainings up-to-date and well structured information. In order for the participants to be able to learn effectively, we engage them in the fulfilment of tasks, which give experiences – the best source of know how and skills. The facilitator assists the participants in analysing and interpreting the exercises.

Each participant will receive a set of study materials, the training presentation in a hard copy and a certificate.

Open trainings

Bring quick improving of the quality and quantity of the skills and the way of working.
Concentrated and up-to-date knowledge, structured in advance.
Opportunities for new personal and business contacts.
Led by a common interest, the participants complement each other’s knowledge and improve their results.
Intended for company owners, managers, internal company trainers, university and high school students, as well as anyone else, feeling the need for a wider range of knowledge and skills or looking for development and change.

Corporate trainings

We can prepare internal company trainings on demand, tailored according to the nature of the business, your needs and expectations.
You will get professionally developed programs and study materials, corresponding to the training needs of your organisation.
This type of specialised trainings is very effective when whole teams do it together.
We start with getting to know the current organisation. We study in advance the current necessities and change zones, thereby defining the goals of the training. This allows for the adapting of the programme to the specific company needs.
The topics in the training programmes are carefully adjusted to the level of knowledge of the participants.
We offer trainings with various length, on work days or during the weekend. The venue is selected as per the client’s wishes.

These trainings may be a natural continuation of the strategy and goals of the management, defined with the help of coaching and to ensure their natural acceptance by the staff.

Programs for in-house company trainings

We develop programmes and materials for corporate trainings, which we rollout one-off and then we train your in-house trainers in doing them. Thus you save a substantial part from the expenses related to hiring external trainers.

The materials are tailored to the specifics of your organisation. Your employees use the resources independently and at their convenience. An additional effect is the increase of motivation and the sense among staff members of belonging to the company.